Baby Footprints With Paint

It’s fun to experiment with paints and baby hands and feet, although in my experience this technique works best with older children. Dress in old clothes for this project!

Most experts recommend acrylic or tempera paints, since they are nontoxic. Make sure they’ll stand up to whatever use you intend them for.

A fun craft that makes a great gift for grandparents, favorite aunts and uncles, or good friends is the “handprint wreath.” Gather all the children in your family, your day care, your preschool or playgroup and have each apply to a plain T-shirt or tote bag his or her handprint, each using a different color, in a wreath shape. Add a title with fabric paints or puff paints and you’re done!

Another enjoyable activity is simply to lay out some butcher paper and tempura paints (or other water-based paints such as fingerpaints) and let babies and children walk across the paper.

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