Baby Footprint Frame

What about presentation? Once you’ve immortalized Baby’s cute hands and/or feet, don’t stop there! How about a baby footprint frame for your baby footprint image? You can buy a mat and a frame, or there are plenty of cute, ready-made products on the market for the purpose of framing your child’s inked foot and hand prints.

It’s a good idea to make more than one set of footprints or handprints, because anything you display in the sun may over time fade or discolor a bit, even if you use acid- and lignin-free paper or cardstock. If the baby footprint picture has just recently been made, be sure to let it dry sufficiently before placing it in the frame.

Using a baby-safe footprint kit as described on our Baby Footprints With Ink page or a hospital-grade product such as Kleen-Print, ink baby’s footprints on acid-free cardstock. Again, let the footprints dry for at least 24 hours to be certain that the ink is dry and won’t transfer to the glass of the frame.

You can simply mat the footprints and place them in a frame for the wall or shelf. There are several pre-made baby footprint frame products on the market that have three spaces: one for the footprints, one for a baby photo and one for a birth announcement, poem or other feature. You can recreate this look yourself by purchasing a matted frame with three spaces of varying sizes, or even a standard frame with spaces for three 4-by-6 photos.

There are many commercially made frames available for framing baby footprints. Some are embossed or otherwise decorated with footprints, while others come with plaster, clay or other material for making baby footprints and displaying them in the accompanying frame. In summer 2007, the chain retailer Target began carrying a baby footprint frame set in its Classic Pooh collection, and also had several scrapbook albums and memory box kits intended to showcase baby footprints made with the included plaster.

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