The Perfect Keepsake: Your Child’s Footprints and Handprints

It’s such a cliché: Children grow up so fast. But never is the concept of passing time made so clear when a parent of an older child thinks back to just how small that child was when first born, or when leaving little fingerprints around the house, or when coming home from Kindergarten with the time-honored traced-hand Thanksgiving turkey.

Many parents actively seek to capture their child in this way, but the day-to-day hustle and bustle of family life can stand in the way and the next thing you know your “tiny” baby’s feet are growing right out of their big-kid shoes! This site is intended to make preserving the images of your baby or child’s hand and feet easier by outlining both common and unusual techniques, and pointing you in the direction of projects that can make this fun and important task easier. Making prints is also a great activity to get new siblings acquainted to one another.

Making keepsakes using Baby’s footprints and handprints has replaced bronzing first shoes as the must-do memory project. You, too, can have a tangible record of just how tiny that little hand or foot was when you brought Baby home from the hospital, when you held that hand while crossing the street, and when those little hands were first traced for elementary-school art projects. Please read on to find a variety of ideas and techniques, and if you have ideas to share, please e-mail

Also, please bookmark this page! We’re adding new features all the time. Most recently we’ve added reviews of baby footprint kits and handprint kits, as well as free printable downloads of the classic Handprint poems with both English and Spanish versions.

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